Flu vaccination

Why should you offer the flu vaccine in the company, even though anyone can get it from his family doctor? The difference is big, for the following reasons:

  • More employees will volunteer for the vaccination, since the time-consuming trip to the doctor is eliminated
  • The vaccine does not cost much
  • The current flu diseases (information from 2016) are caused to about 75% by influenza type H1N1, which affects statistically, exspecially the 16-64 years old
  • Less absences of the vaccinated by protection from the flu
  • Less absences of the vaccinated by protection against other respiratory diseases. Vaccinated employees will have less commond colds (it is assumed that the flu vaccination leads to a non-specific activation of the immune system)
  • Less absences of the non-vaccinated by herd protection (the vaccinated employees do not infect the unvaccinated)
  • From year to year the economic advantage increases, as the protection of the individual increases with each additional vaccination
  • Positive for the image of the company
  • A sign of a good, caring and responsible corporate culture
  • The main reason for the company to organize the flu vaccination shall not be mentioned here. You will understand when we inform you personally. This reason alone costs more money each year than the flu vaccination event costs

We firmly believe that not organizing the flu shot in the company leads to economic disadvantages

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